Wednesday 1st August 2007

Well my mistress has finished her stint of rabbit sitting. Leaving aside the suggestion they would have been good on the bar b q the other day, my mistress has become quite attached to them and has started to say she would quite like to get some of her own. You have to humour her but I know my master isn’t daft enough to let it happen, which I am pleased about as I have no wish to share her affections with other animals unless I can have my own puppy, in which case it would be ok if she liked it a little bit.

I’m quite excited as today I am off to England. We ended up doing a trial run of how many cases we could get in to my mistress’s new car, with me sitting on top of one. After a couple of dummy runs, in which I think I was the dummy, we arrived at a position we could all accept. It isn’t going to be my most comfortable trip but looking on the bright side, I can reach over and lick the children’s ears every so often. I am assured everything will be perched so that it cannot fall on me. Let’s just see!

It feels as though it is ages since I last went, although not so long ago that I was pleased to see the vet. Do you think if I promised to stop foraging for food I could skip the old worming treatment routine? It isn’t as though I find much out there to supplement my diet and I don’t think the acorns I eat are a high risk for worms. Anyway, today I am travelling as far as my mistress’s parents, which suits me as it means I will be spoilt.