Friday 3rd August 2007

Well my mistress is off to a wedding today and I am staying with my grandparents. I did suggest that as my master had been invited and he couldn’t go, that I should go in his place as his representative. I also thought it would make up for not going to my master and mistress’s wedding last year. Obviously that is something you can never make up for but at least it would mean I had been to a wedding. I would probably get bored and chew the flowers. I’d probably forget to sit in my own seat at the reception and go round all the tables begging. Other than that I would probably behave in a largely respectable fashion, I am well mannered indoors and I know when women are all dressed up they don’t like being jumped on by a dog. Perhaps it will be as well to stay behind and get my granddad to play frisby with me.

My grandparents have been telling me all about the rain there has been in England. What I don’t understand is that where I live in Belgium is both really flat and not very high above sea level and despite the fact that we have had lots of rain we haven’t had floods. I don’t understand what the difference is. Maybe it helps not having hills as the water is then evenly spread rather than being concentrated in the valleys. The other thought I had had is that maybe where I live is like a raft and we are just floating on the water. If that were true we might find next year we had floated to live off the coast of South America rather than still being near England. It would cut down on air travel if nothing else!