Tuesday 31st July 2007

Well the full impact of the car breaking down is now becoming apparent. Tomorrow I am supposed to be going to England in it. But no, the car is at the garage and no one seems to have another seven seater vehicle we can use. The problem we are faced with sounds like one of those jokes “How do you get two adults, three children, a dog and three week’s luggage in a five seater car?” If only it were funny. At the moment the suggestion is that I get to sit in the boot with the luggage and everyone has to bring less than they would have done otherwise. Option two is I get to stay with Mackensey and Spencer if they are around and I miss out on the trip to England. Sadly I have had to go to the vet for my check up, just in case I can travel. It is bad enough going without the possibility that it was all for nothing. I tried suggesting an option 3 with some of the others flying back so there was room in the car for me or option 4 where we leave someone else in England. None of those seemed to be acceptable. Why is it always ‘the beloved dog’ that has to be accommodating to everyone else’s plans? To be fair I think my mistress may be on my side on this one as she seems to hate being apart from me as much as I feel that the other way round. I was so looking forward to seeing my grandparents too. I have found it better to keep out of the negotiations as my mistress does seem to be at her wit’s end with it. She is already struggling to get everything done before she drives to England Wednesday, I think she is a little stressed.