Friday 27th July 2007

You have got to laugh. Tomorrow we are all going out for the day, when I say we I actually mean ‘they’.

My Master “Alfie do you want to go out for the day?”

Me, “Mountains? Beaches? Woodland walks? Romping in the countryside? Oh yes, yes yes.”

My Master “No I had in mind Gent.”

Me “If it’s all the same to you, I’ll pass thanks.”

Girls “Oh no, do we have to go to Gent, we don’t like culture.”

My Master, “Well perhaps now is a good time to start. If you are going to be interesting to boys then it would be good to be interested in culture.”

Who is he kidding. Firstly, since when has sitting in a pavement café for hours on end watching the world go by, qualified as culture? Secondly, does he really think they were the sort of boys that the girls are trying to attract? I have to admire his attempts to find ways to mollify them but he really has missed the point on this one. Now had he said “I will take you to the shops and buy you each a new top while we are there.” Or “I can guarantee there will be ‘mint lads’, who will speak English and you don’t have to hang around with us for the day.” But no, he went down the culture route, he has a lot to learn about teenage girls! I am waiting to see if they revolt, but there alternative is to stay at home for the day with me and frankly I don’t find that an appealing idea, they have a habit of shutting me out, which doesn’t go down well with me. Of course if they don’t go it will give me a justifiable opportunity to use the sentence, “the teenagers are revolting.”