Thursday 26th July 2007

All’s quiet on the mole hole front! We have had no new ones for a couple of days. I’m not taking that as any kind of sign, I’ve been duped before. My suspicion is that as with the shop my mistress tried to go to earlier in the week, they have simply gone on holiday.

At last my mistress has managed to collect her new glasses. They should have come in last Friday but they didn’t. She tried on Monday but the shop was shut. She tried on Tuesday but they had broken them. You start to think it is one of those things that just isn’t meant to be, but now she has got them, they don’t look too bad. I’m glad she declined to go for the typically European brightly coloured frames. She was offered some that had interchangeable attachments so that you could vary the gaudy colour to suit your mood. I suggested that she should never, and I mean never, be in that type of a mood!

Well I have now completed the first draft of my book. I am going through it again to see if there are any small ways in which it can be improved. I realise that is a hard ask but then we stars have to do our best for our public. I wonder if I can get my first book published before my mistress. The next thing you know I shall be rubbing shoulders with J K Rowling, ok to be more accurate sniffing the legs of, even if I stand on my hind legs my shoulders wouldn’t come up that high. I suppose she could use a magic spell to lift me up. Her new book has arrived, courtesy of the postal service but I haven’t started reading it yet. I’m not sure I want to know who dies in it though, so I’m thinking of reading it with my eyes closed.