Saturday 28th July 2007

I was asked whether the story about the lady with lime green underwear was true. Trust me the world is a strange enough place without me having to make things up. Besides who would make up lime green underwear? It’s true what they say, when you write a story you can’t base it on real life, no one would think it was plausible. Real life is way stranger than fiction, and fiction can be strange enough.

Matilda has a new playmate. She didn’t actually get any say in the matter but like it or not, there is a tiny ginger kitten who has moved in next door. He doesn’t actually have a name yet but he has made his mark. When Matilda went up to the basket he was in, unsuspecting as she was, she was most taken aback when a small bundle hissed at her. He may only be a few weeks old but he doesn’t intend to be pushed around. I’m rather hoping to meet him, before he has been given any false ideas about the relationship of cats and dogs. I thought he might want to play tug with me, in the absence of being able to have my own puppy. Of course, he would have to cope with the statutory chasing arrangements but I am prepared to cope with the ‘being jumped out at and surprised’ in return.

I don’t want to get too excited too soon but I think the moles have moved out. A couple of the traps have now been taken away, so there is less to fall over out there. One of the traps has sprung and everyone was saying “Oh no, do you think there is a mole down there?” I went off to do something else before they realised I had run into it and sprung it accidentally. It is better to leave them wondering.