Wednesday 25th July 2007

You have to wonder. While we were out we saw a lady, who looked about 55, not that I am an expert on ages. Anyway, she was wearing a white unlined suit, over bright (an I mean bright) lime green underwear. It was at least matching underwear and to be honest I am not sure if it would have been any more acceptable if she were 25 rather than 55 but it was a shock to the system. I’m still young. I don’t need to be faced with sights like that. I was trying to work out what statement the woman was trying to make, but got stuck with ‘I can’t find anything appropriate to wear with these.’ I do hope my mistress takes note never to do anything as bad as that. To be fair I don’t think she has many sets of matching underwear and the ones with the winking smiling faces at least show a sense of humour, even if they are bright yellow.

We need sunshine and we need it fast. Teenage girls aren’t good when they get grumpy because they don’t know what to do with themselves and I object to being shut out of the lounge in my own house because they want to watch the television without being bothered by a dog. It may have escaped their notice but this is my house and they are here as my guests, not the other way round. I can see why human boys have difficulty understanding human girls. It sure beats me. My mistress says it beats her too and if I’m not mistaken she must have been a girl once, when she wasn’t so old. I think she is feeling very old at the moment. That may just be because of running round after everyone else.