Wednesday 11th July 2007

Once again I am the hard done by puppy. Why is it all right for my mistress to offer to look after next door’s rabbits whilst they are away but not me? I could do a great job of taking care of Pepper and Flopsy. I have a good track record with rabbits, I have never attacked my mistress’s slippers, although to be fair I have never tried feeding them either. I did try to help when one of the rabbits escaped and it needed to be found. I didn’t actually find it but I think I found the hole it had gone down, I just wasn’t prepared to get my paws muddy going any further. What could I possibly get wrong? I promised I wouldn’t play to roughly with them and I’d give them a head start of we had a race. None of that it would seem is good enough for my mistress. Sometimes I do think she takes her responsibilities way too seriously and should lighten up.

Bees can be incredibly stupid creatures. We have a picture, it’s a sort of modern art thing with swirls of paint and a series of black splodges. It is a very expensive piece of Ikea art! Anyway a bee came in and went up to check out every one of the black splodges to make sure it wasn’t a flower. Did it really think the first six splodges would just turn out to be splodges but the seventh one might really have been a flower? Imagine the frustration if it ever visited the Ikea store, it would be there forever checking that every picture wasn’t real. It isn’t even as though they look like flowers, and I don’t think they even smell either, not that I am allowed that near to the artwork.