Thursday 5th July 2007

Well everyone is home again and I am a happy dog. It is short lived as ever as my master is off to England again this evening. I’m surprised he ever knows which country and time zone he is in. Oh, my mistress has just chipped in to say he doesn’t! But to be fair that is understandable. So I’ve got another weekend of having my mistress all to myself. More importantly I’ve got another weekend of pinching my master’s side of the bed and not being made to get off, so it really isn’t all bad from my point of view. I do miss him, honestly I do. I bounce all over him when he comes home and on the nights he isn’t here and I haven’t remembered I go running to the door when I hear a car in case it is him. I have been known to make my mistress open the doors and let me go and check the garden gates just to be certain he isn’t lurking outside somewhere. However much you miss him though, it is important to make the most of the time when he isn’t here. I find that the best way to do that is to snuggle into his side of the bed and try to persuade my mistress to cook the same sort of amount for meals as if he were here, and then let me eat his share. The hardest bit about it is that after a day at home on her own my mistress is desperate for someone to talk to and if my master isn’t here, I find myself forced to spend the evening making polite conversation. On the whole she does the talking and I just raise an eyelid at the appropriate points to show I am still listening.