Friday 6th July 2007

My master was being quite impossible before he went away. He went on a ‘Spy Day’ learning to be a spy and now he is trying to live the dream. What good is it to tell me he knows how to protect a princess in a city centre? He can protect my mistress or he can protect his dog and neither of us is a princess. He was driving cars through a slalom course and all sorts. Secretly I am jealous but I would hate to let him know that. The best I can do is creep up on him very quietly and follow people by scent. I did look at the booking form but you have to be over 18 and I’m not even that in dog years.

My mistress did proudly announce that she now has a crown but as it turned out it is in her mouth and not for her head. I thought she was baring her teeth at me when she was trying to show me, so I did the same thing back. It turned out it is a replacement for a tooth. How was I supposed to know? I suppose, bless her it is as well that she can be proud of her teeth, age can be so unkind to animals and she really is not spring chicken, as I point out to her regularly.

It’s a good job I am exhausted from playing with all my friends as with the rain continuing there doesn’t seem a lot of point in going outside. My mistress has threatened to cut my food allowance if I don’t get more exercise so I may need to make a bit more of an effort. I may even have to pretend that I want to go for a walk in the rain.