Wednesday 20th June 2007

I think she is trying to outdo me. I’ve got a blog so my mistress sets up a whole website! I don’t suppose she will get as many visitors to her site as I do to mine. For a start she is nowhere near as cute as I am and secondly I don’t suppose she will write about things like ‘rubber rabbits’ that seem to rather skew the reading figures. Nearly 300 people have read April 22 last year in this month alone. I am a dog, it is simply one of my toys. Now it is about 16 of my toys as it all rather fell apart in my mouth, but I still play with all of them, until my master gets fed up with the mess and throws a tail, or a body in the bin.

The seedier side of life does appear in my blog but only as far as the frogs or toads that seem to be having trysts at the back of our house in the water drainage channel. It is amazing how much noise they can make. Now I realise it is dark and they may not be able to see each other, but is there really any need to shout? But then that’s toads for you! Thankfully the weather has brightened up so they will probably move to the lake a bit further away and out of the dry drainage channel. We can but hope. I wonder if we could find a way to get all the flies to move further away as well. We have fly papers up and my master has a little device that electrocutes them, when he can catch them, but I think the flies are still in the dominant position in the game. I catch as many as my master does, without the aid of a special device.