Thursday 21st June 2007

Now it has stopped being too wet, it has become too hot. I am happy that it’s dry but couldn’t we have a temperature of about 18 – 19 degrees centigrade? It’s ok for humans they can wear less clothes, but short of doing a complete ‘shed’ of my hair, I am stuck with a warm fur coat at all times of year. It has it’s seasonal thicknesses but it is still an all over fur coat. You try going out in the sunshine in that!

On a brighter note, we now know why some of the slabs round the pool were a bit ‘rocky’, (as in they rocked from side to side when you stood on them.) In reality, they rocked from side to side when my mistress stood on them to clean the pool. It did make watching her doing the cleaning worthwhile, as there was always the possibility of her rocking a bit too far and falling in! Anyway, the long and the short of it is that when the men came and re-laid the slabs last year, they forgot to cement them into place! Easily done, just turn up, do half a job and go away. They even strung the half a job over about six weeks. They came and took the slabs up and then found they needed to order some more! Why didn’t they think about the fact they needed more, before taking the old ones up? So it is pretty obvious that they didn’t remember to cement them into place until someone complained the following year. Then they needed to do it when it was dry, but came on a day with heavy rain forecast for the evening – so now I am just waiting to see how long the sticky stuff holds!