Tuesday 19th June 2007

As my mistress wasn’t feeling too well I saw it as my duty to go and snuggle up on the bed next to her, paw in hand. I wasn’t doing it for my own benefit you understand, just to show moral support. I may have gone beyond the moral support bit by insisting that she spent the whole time rubbing my tummy with her other hand but a dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do. It does mean my trip to England is off this week, which is a bit of a shame as I was looking forward to seeing my grandparents but at least it won’t mean hours and hours in the car if it’s hot. The best bit is that I didn’t have to go to the vet, which is always a bonus.

After my mistress writing ‘murder’ in melon using the cookie cutters I have been wondering if she would lend them to me so that I could leave her little notes when I want more biscuits. I do find holding a pen a bit awkward, and writing things with the computer and printing them out for her is such a waste of paper. I would have to just leave the cookie cutter letter shapes in the right order because if I cut anything out of food the temptation would be too great and I would eat the letters as I went along. It does mean I can only use words or sentences that don’t have any repeats of letters. I could do ‘mor biscut plea’ but it might all get a bit confusing. I suppose it is no different than trying to interpret a text message when someone has used predictive text and it has spelt the wrong word out.