Thursday 7th June 2007

I was right, she was sick, and didn’t want to be bounced on. Today is a quiet sleepy day so I’m happy as that is my preferred way to spend every day. Worryingly I am in charge from later on today as my master is going to England. I’m thinking of strapping one of the walkie talkies to my collar so that she can call me in from the garden when she needs something. I find it difficult to press the button to speak back to her but she can at least call me to come in and ‘fetch’! Of course once I have fetched I won’t actually let go and when food is involved I will have eaten it on route, so I’m thinking there is still some work to do for me to be a fully trained nurse. I am good company though and more than happy to snuggle up in bed and just keep my mistress company. The hospital did tell her she mustn’t be on her own for 24hours but they didn’t specify that she needed human company! I can bath her if she wants me too. I wash myself daily and am remarkably efficient at licking all those difficult to reach places. She might get other dogs coming and sniffing round her afterwards but if I can cope with that I am sure she will.

I thought I might sit and read to her this afternoon. I have been reading Alice in Wonderland and can’t help but see some resemblance between the Mad Hatter’s Teaparty and living in this house. I think I am modelling myself on the Dormouse and the auditions are ongoing as to whether the Mad hatter should be played by my master or my mistress. I think my mistress is in the lead.