Friday 8th June 2007

Alarmingly an animal organisation in England is arranging ‘speed dating’ for single pet owners. The pet owner has to take along a picture of their pet to make sure that the other person not only likes the look of them but of their pet as well. Obviously for many people this would rule out an accidental relationship with someone who later turns out to own a tarantula or a boa constrictor but wouldn’t the whole thing be better if the pets went with them and they let the pet decide who they should be dating. Dogs are so much better at determining someone’s character from their smell that humans are. It would mean there might be one or two screams if the owner of the aforementioned tarantula got it out of the box to sniff their potential partner. Can spiders sniff? I was also concerned that unhappy single pet owners might find their love of a lifetime and then not need their pet so much, and what if the pets didn’t get on? Would that be an adequate ground for the relationship to come to an end or would the needs of the pets be cast aside in the heat of the moment?

There is only another week until the rearrange Murder Dinner. It is very exciting as my mistress will have to try to catch my master to get the fake tan on him that is part of his outfit. Given how hopeless she is with fake tan on herself, if I were my master I would pick this as a good week to work a long way from home! At least being covered in fur it isn’t something she can do to me. I wonder what my master will turn out like? Do you think she will do his bald patch to match or will that stand out as being very pink in a sea of streaky tan?