Wednesday 6th June 2007

Well I’m sitting here worrying about my mistress as she has gone into hospital for the day. She will be home tonight but it is still worrying for a little dog all the same. I asked her when she was going ‘who will look after me if you don’t come back?’ She reassured me that she has every intention of coming back and told me about when she was a child and she used to worry about her mum every time she went to give blood. I’m not sure I should be around when she does come home as she won’t want to be bounced on and I have moments where I forget things like that. She is usually quite sick from anaesthetics too so I might prefer to be elsewhere. I did offer to go with her but she said they wouldn’t let dogs in. To be honest I was quite relieved as I am not sure I really fancy the sight of blood, although to be fair it is always so much better when it isn’t your own.

I know I have mentioned the mating call of the frogs round here before, but I was only aware of them making the noise they do at night. That was until I went for a walk past the house down the road with a lily pond. There they were in broad daylight making noises that I can only assume in frog language are close to obscene. I was appalled. Is there no morality left in the animal world? At least I couldn’t actually see them which I am sure was a blessing. The lilies looked very nice though, they were a pale yellow colour. Maybe that colour is very attractive to frogs and the rather less glamorous drainage channel at the back of our house is only fit to be a breeding ground when it’s dark.