Tuesday 5th June 2007

Della and Aristotle

At last my mistress has understood that her work should always include dogs. She has written a poem about deafness and included a ‘hearing dog’. When I say ‘included’ I see him as the hero of the piece really. She has also bought me a new book called ‘Who moved my Bowl’ which is full of cartoons all about dogs. I think she may have bought it for herself as it is by her favourite cartoonist, Charles Barsotti, but I think it is great too. There are a few where the dog is seeing a psychiatrist which I especially like and can quite sympathise that living with humans might necessitate visit to psychiatrists. I was nearly driven to it the other day when they were playing in the pool. They know I don’t like water but that didn’t stop them playing with balls that you throw and splash water everywhere. I complained when I got wet paws the first time but even that didn’t stop them. It is very difficult life being a pet dog. It can be extremely stressful.

I did have a laugh at my mistress’s expense though. She has bought a magazine that is usually bought by older women readers. She claimed that she was hoping to sell some work to it, rather than it was because she wanted to read it. Anyway, when she went to bed last night she read one of the short stories that was in it and got to the end to find that it says ‘continued next week’ and now she wants to know what happens. I suggested that she may have crossed the line into buying it to read and then hid before she could throw it at me. We all have to grow old at some time or another, maybe it is just her turn!