Sunday 3rd June 2007

They are as bad as each other. It was bound to go wrong. If you are going to hang a picture that needs two picture hooks at the same level you need to use a spirit level and a tape measure. Any dog knows that. I don’t think my mistress’s excuse of there being 30 stairs from the top of the house is a good enough excuse to justify her putting two pictures hooks, from what I could see, at random, in the wall. Poor Dumbo, he really did look rather odd at that angle. I am seriously considering moving out and getting a home of my own to avoid the shear stupidity of the humans around me. I’m just sulking because they went out without me last night. I’m not saying I would have liked to go to a Bryan Adams concert but I would have liked to have been asked.

I’m looking forward to the bar-b-q later today. As a meal it is a good one for dogs. There is almost always too much food floating around and bits of meat that get dropped on the floor. I prefer it when they cook it specially for me so that it is cooked to my liking but it doesn’t do to be fussy all the time. They are all likely to go in the swimming pool at some point. I could either use that as an opportunity to help myself from the bar-b-q or maybe it is about time I learnt to swim. I go with the food idea. Still with the thought of food, as it is one of my favourite topics, my mistress was very pleased to find that McDonald’s in England are still selling apple pies, but it is an awfully long way to go when she gets a craving. It’s a shame you can’t buy them in bulk to heat up yourself at home.