Wednesday 30th May 2007

Well life is returning to normal. The children have been and gone and although I am still at my grandparents my mistress is here too. At least, she would be here if it weren’t for the fact that she has gone to the dentist for a two hour appointment. Whatever are they doing to her in two hours? I’m expecting her to come back with a full set of gold teeth or something like that. On the bright side I don’t suppose she will be up to eating lunch so I am rather hoping that the scraps will be more than usual. She is going to see her sister this afternoon and I am hoping that she might consider taking me with her. I have calmed down a bit in the last few weeks and I will promise not to growl at her sister during daylight hours. I will even try to promise not to chase Dudley round the living room, but if he starts it I won’t be able to resist very easily. Dudley is their sheepdog, my cousin. Last time my aunt swore blind that Dudley was the innocent party, she didn’t see the way he kept pushing his paw in my direction every time I stopped taking any notice of him. He might be an older dog but that only means he has learnt how to cause trouble without being caught so easily!

My mistress is going out with a friend tonight and sadly because it is England and not Belgium dog’s aren’t allowed into the restaurants. It really is a shame, I can be so good, although I am a little more prone to drooling when around food than I used to be, but I only usually drool over my mistress so it’s all right.