Tuesday 29th May 2007

Most normal people read a book and if it isn’t any good they just put it back on the bookshelf. But then no one ever accused my mistress of being normal! She has read the biography of the actor Martin Shaw and was so disappointed with it that she has written too him. He didn’t actually write it, it was written by some other people without his involvement but my mistress didn’t think it was very well written and it didn’t cover very much about what would be interesting to read. The book spends more of its page talking about the directors and producers Martin Shaw has worked with than the works he has done. I suppose if you write something like that on an unauthorised basis you have to use whatever you can find. I wonder if she will ever get a reply to her letter. She showed me the reply she had when she was 10 and had written to her MP complaining about the testing of things like cigarettes on animals and in particular dogs, I felt quite proud of her. I also felt quite worried that she may not have been a normal child, I suppose if she had been she might have grown up into a normal adult.

I’m getting myself all excited for them coming back today. I don’t know whether to sniff them all to pick up traces of Bertie and Misskin or to charge round the garden with the boys. If I try to do both at the same time someone is going to get knocked over and it isn’t going to be me! I will only get about half an hour with the children before they set off home again so I suppose I had better make the most of them. I can sniff my mistress thoroughly after they have gone.