Saturday 12th May 2007

I’m going on holiday, I’m going on holiday, I’m going on holiday. I really am. This isn’t a pretend holiday where I go to see Mackensey whilst my master and mistress go somewhere else but a real holiday where I get to go with them. I know I went last year when they took the children to the Ardennes, but that didn’t go according to plan as it rained all week and I had an argument with a Jack Russell. This time I am going to stay in some hotels and go to the South of France as well. I’m so excited. It will mean quite a bit of time in the car, but I’m used the that. The only problem with travelling is that I get bad breath, so I had better get my mistress to get some of the special chews that deal with that, and I shall want some games to play with in the car and maybe a couple of magazines and some sweets. I’m going to need a bucket and spade and some swimming trunks and of course my own beach mat, with lots of padding so the pebbly bits aren’t uncomfortable. We had better pack lots of food and of course my frisby. I’m just bursting with excitement even though it is ages until we go.

After all that excitement I had to content myself with staying at home yesterday whilst everyone else went to a place called Mechelen. Why did they think I wouldn’t want to go? To be fair it was raining and I don’t actually like going out in the rain but the point was I wanted to be invited. I don’t like being left out. It is like the time my mistress leaves the back door open when I go outside. I stay outside and don’t want to come in. If she closes it after me, I feel pushed out and just sit outside the door until she opens it again. I know it isn’t logical, but it is no different to people. If you feel wanted it gives you the freedom to do other things. If you don’t feel wanted you get all clingy.