Sunday 13th May 2007

I demand a public inquiry. I want questions asked in Parliament. Why did my blog not post correctly on Thursday and Friday? I don’t suppose for a moment that you know the answer but suffice it to say that the problem has been resolved and they are now there. If you can’t be bothered to read them in summary they said the downstairs toilet smells and it isn’t my fault, I got a bit over excited and woke my grandparents and there are some very interesting bits in my master and mistress’s family trees. Now back to today.

Why do you drive 20 kilometres to see a clock? Why not look at the one in the lounge? It is quite a nice one, it chimes and the hands move in the right sort of way. What is so special about an Astronomical clock? It isn’t as thought my mistress understood what all the dials did. I tested her on it when she got back and she could only tell me what 3 or 4 of them were. I’m just bitter that I got left out again. Apparently, it was market day in Lier and my mistress thought I might get too excited with all the people and dogs, which of course I would have done, but that is my prerogative. So once again I got to wait at home, rearranging my toys for amusement. I did score some Brownie points when my granddad sneezed and I jumped up onto the couch next to him to check he was ok. I gave him a little nuzzle and just showed my concern. He seemed to like it. He also liked it when I went and said good morning to him in bed this morning and he was awake and ready for me. It makes such a big difference to the response you get if you don’t creep up on people.