Friday 11th May 2007

Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to do that! I was all excited, I love having my grandparents here. My mistress was busy working and my grandparents hadn’t come down yet, so I thought I would go up and see them. They are sleeping on the top floor and my mistress hadn’t noticed I had gone, until she heard the noise from upstairs. It turned out they weren’t actually awake yet when I decided to join them in bed. I think from the noises it may have come as a bit of a shock. I certainly got called downstairs by my mistress who seemed to feel the need to apologise on my behalf. They should think themselves honoured that I was missing them that much.

There are some funny things that come up when you are researching a family tree. Mine is less imaginative being full of champions and stud dogs, neither of which seems to appear in either my master or mistress’s trees. My mistress got excited to find a ‘master baker’ in her ancestry. The best bit so far has been the ancestor that was listed in one census as an ‘agricultural labourer’ and ten years later, presumably mistakenly, is listed as a ‘lawyer’. I think the chances of that type of transition are pretty unlikely. My master thinks they may have written it as a joke but my mistress thinks it is more likely that their writing was so bad that it was transcribed incorrectly. I think my master’s thinking came from his constant preference for describing himself as a ‘secret agent’ rather than what he really does. One part of the family definitely seemed to think that marriage was optional and something only to be entered into after the first child had accidentally arrived. I am starting to feel much batter about the same dog being several of my ancestors all at once!