Thursday 10th May 2007

Now I don’t know what is going on in our downstairs toilet, but the smell really isn’t normal. At first, my mistress thought it was the after effects of Andy staying a few weeks ago but despite it being cleaned several times since then, it just seems to get worse. I have reassured my mistress that it is nothing to do with me but that still doesn’t solve the problem of what is the cause. She is now resorting to all sorts of chemicals that she would prefer not to use, in a desperate attempt to make it go away. So if you like the all pervading smell of lavender with subtle undertones of something very unpleasant, then our downstairs toilet is the place to be.

You can always tell when we have got relatives staying, my master seems to disappear to other countries. To be fair to him I think his bookings were made before we knew that my grandparents were coming to stay but why let the truth get in the way of a good story. So I am left as the man of the house to entertain our guests. I keep suggesting going out for a walk, but with the weather being a little less than perfect they keep suggesting reading a book. Maybe when I get a bit older that will seem like a good idea for more of the time, but for now, unless it is actually raining, I prefer the walk. Of course if it is raining then I prefer not getting my paws wet, but that is more a vanity thing. They are all planning a trip to Mechelen in the next couple of days and I am waiting to find out if they are taking me too. I’m hoping they are but I don’t like to raise my hopes as I’ve had them dashed before, and it’s no fun!