Wednesday 9th May 2007

Well you know what they say about acorns, and its happening all over the forest. I can only think the weather we have had is perfect for them to germinate and there are now, literally, hundreds of oak tree saplings springing up everywhere we go. I don’t suppose they will all survive, there isn’t room for them all between the other trees, but it might at least compensate for one or two of the log fires we have enjoyed through the winter. The other strange thing out there is the purple fields. I suppose that is not strictly accurate as descriptions go because there are bushes growing all across the field and it is the bushes that are purple. They are roadie dendrons or something like that. I thought ‘roadie’s’ were people who went on tour with bands to help them with setting up and carrying everything but maybe some of them stand in fields being purple.

My master and mistress had planned to go to the pictures with a two for the price of one offer the other night. I pointed out there were in fact three of us, so the offer didn’t really work. I’ll give them their due, they had a look at what was on and concluded there wasn’t actually anything they had heard of, never mind wanted to see. In the end, we all sat on the settee with the lights out and watched a film together at home. I rustled my sweet wrappers ever so often to make sure they felt like they were in the pictures and then at the crucial moment did the irritating ‘I want to go to the toilet’ thing so they didn’t miss having the kids with them. I think it all worked rather well, although I still don’t really understand the attraction of James Bond. There aren’t often any dogs in it.