Tuesday 8th May 2007

It really isn’t going to encourage my mistress to cook if my master makes fun of her efforts. So she tried making an orange sauce to go with some duck and got as far as the last line before realising it was a sweet orange sauce to go with a pudding. She got it to work in the end by adding vinegar and brandy. I liked it, and for that matter so did my master. Of course the teasing came as a result of her then wanting to try it the following day as a sweet sauce with a pudding, this time without the vinegar or brandy, just a fair helping of orange Curacao! It has led my master to now declaring that he is having orange sauce with everything. In turn, my mistress is threatening not to make it ever again. I suppose that serves him right. I did quietly ask her if she could make it again for just the two of us and not tell him. I don’t know why he thinks it is so funny to eat the same thing every day, I do it all the time and for that matter he doesn’t have different sandwiches at lunch times, just Salmon sandwiches every day. If my mistress gives him a choice, he chooses more salmon sandwiches.

My grandparents are arriving later. I can’t wait to see them. My granny spoils me rotten and is always a sucker for rubbing my chest if I ask nicely. I must remember not to bounce too much, that doesn’t go down too well.

Now the weather has stopped being so good, my mistress has sorted out for the pool men to come and open up the pool. I think she had forgotten that she has to clean it every day for the first week. She is going to get wet!