Wednesday 2nd May 2007

We have had a small difference of opinion over my behaviour. My mistress says it is not acceptable and I am quite proud of myself. We were out for a walk and there was a very small West Highland Terrier on the other side of the road that I thought I would like to play with. So in one neat move I slipped my head out of my lead and ran over the road to see him. To be fair the Westie didn’t know I wanted to play and instantly peed everywhere in total fright. My mistress was very cross with me, 1- for getting out of my head collar, 2- for running across the road and 3- for scaring the Westie. I think she was a bit embarrassed to tell the truth. On the other ‘hand’, or more to the point ‘paw’, I am thinking of changing my name to Alfie Houdini Dog.

I want to travel by train. I was reading a leaflet the other day that said there was a minimal charge for lap dogs. I like sitting on a lap. OK so I might weight about 28kgs and the person whose lap I am sitting on might lose all feeling in their legs after the first 5 minutes but I can do it. I am usually better with two laps next to each other that I can spread out over, but at a push one reasonably sized lap will do. It did say there was an option to sit on the floor which I am less keen on, or being in a pet basket which comes somewhere even lower down the list of likes and dislikes. I also saw a Jack Russell travelling on the back of a wheeled suitcase, that looked quite fun too. I would need a very large suitcase, to make sure I didn’t fall off.