Friday 20th April 2007

Me and my little sister Dora

Do they not know how hurtful it can be, to come out with statements in an argument that they don’t mean? The argument wasn’t actually with me but she said “If that’s how you are going to be, I’m giving your sandwiches to the dog.” In these circumstances you don’t pick up on the fact that yet again you have been referred to as ‘the’ dog rather than ‘our’ dog, you simply get excited at the prospect of an additional portion of food and smoked salmon sandwiches at that. You run and stand by your bowl and the next thing you know is that they are laughing about it, kissing goodbye and your master is off to work carrying his sandwich box. Not only that, but the sandwiches are still in it. Oh that’s just fine. No word of apology. No “Oh Alfie, let me make it up to you by giving you some of the chicken I was going to have for lunch”, nothing, not a word. It really is too much for a dog to bear.

The rest of the day did improve and I did get some of the chicken at lunchtime so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much. Hang on, there was smoked salmon going begging, why shouldn’t I complain? That’s a rhetorical question you really don’t need to answer it, if I think about it long enough, which of course I will, I am bound to work it out for myself. I could almost wish I was one of those dogs that hasn’t learnt the meaning of leave and that steals food at a moments notice. Why was I born to be good? Again, a rhetorical question, although as you might have said nice things to that one you are welcome to email me with words of encouragement, praise and adoration.