Saturday 21st April 2007

Just a wee bit of a faux pas this morning. As is my usual way, I was invited up onto the bed for a nice good morning cuddle. I eventually got my self really comfortable, squeezed in the gap between my master and mistress with my back to my master so he could easily rub my tummy and my face next to my mistress. All would have been fine if I hadn’t picked that moment to sneeze all over my mistress’s face. It was one of those sneezes that just came from nowhere and didn’t give me time to put my paw over my mouth and nose or move my head away. I was most certainly not popular and sadly my morning cuddle came to a very abrupt end. Seems a bit harsh to punish me for something that was so clearly not done deliberately on my part. Oh well. I suppose I might be allergic to human hair. That would be a sort of dog revenge thing for all the humans allergic to dog hair, we need to bring about some sort of balance.

I’m guessing all had been forgiven by the afternoon as my best friend, Elvis, came round to play in the afternoon on the way back from his walk. He has been finding the weather really much too hot as his hair needs cutting. He can barely see through his fringe. He looks like a little rug when he sits down to rest, the only way you can tell which end his head is, if you are a human, is by the little pink tongue hanging out. Obviously if you are a dog you can sniff to find which end is which. Once he was lying down I could just nuzzle up to him, which is almost as good as running round. I think I would like to have a playmate like Elvis all the time.