Thursday 19th April 2007

Why is it that humans think they have the monopoly on intelligent thinking. I get tucked up in bed at night with the phrases like “Enjoy dreaming of chasing rabbits”. What on earth makes my mistress and master think that that is all that is going on in this fine brain. It stands to reason that if humans can have a very wide range of intellect, so can dogs. Also in common with humans it may well be that the most intelligent of us dogs aren’t the most practical or obedient. What level of original thought is involved in sitting on instruction? How do my master and mistress know that I am not working on a cure for ‘Kennel Cough’ or developing a new method of harnessing energy to make sure my bed stays warm in winter? I contemplated trying to bring about world peace, but who would believe that that was the most important issue for a dog? I haven’t set aside time for chasing my tail for at least an hour, maybe two. I am your typical dog of intellect, a bit of a philosopher and obviously as leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party I have well developed political goals. Chasing rabbits indeed!

Now that the hedges have thickened I can’t always see what is the other side of them. When I’m not busy as scientist, philosopher and potential world leader, I am having to spend much more time running round the garden barking just in case there is something behind the hedge. It’s a bit of a precautionary measure. I wonder if I have done enough to qualify for just a little time off for a mid morning nap and who am I kidding? Maybe I will have just one or two rabbit type dreams for good measure.