Wednesday 18th April 2007

Well Matilda’s humans have only been back a few days and she is already trying to pretend she didn’t miss them at all and that she is above all that human attention stuff. She prodded them a few times in the night the first night they were back to wake them and say welcome back, just as they were trying to get over jetlag, but she has now reverted to type. She holds her tail up as though she owns the place. What is it with cats, why can’t they just admit they need people as much as we dogs do? Somehow they seem to think it is cool to remain aloof and not wag their tails to show pleasure. There is absolutely no harm, in a dog’s eyes, of making sure your humans are absolutely clear that you adore them. I don’t know about other dogs but apparently Entlebuchers get very attached to their humans and from personal experience I would have to say that is true. Why wouldn’t you. You get loved and fed and looked after and then you get extra treats like marzipan. If you train them right you always have someone to throw sticks for you and tickle your tummy. Cats aren’t as bright as they like to think. They go round pretending they don’t need any of that and then have to go and catch their own food if they want any extra after their normal rations. You don’t find dogs having to do that, we’re far too smart. In an emergency, I can even knock the dog food bag over and help myself. One thing is certain I shall not be telling her about the little mice that live in the bamboo in our garden. They are far too nice to end up on Matilda’s dinner table.