Monday 14th April 2007

I’m feeling a bit off colour. My nose seems a bit dry and I am lethargic. I think it may just be because I am missing the kids and for that matter missing Spencer. He is Makensey’s puppy and he is great fun. I am so looking forward to seeing him again. He is just at that age when he wants to play and never stop, until he just falls asleep when he has to stop. I have to remember he is so much smaller than me but otherwise he is great company. His little legs don’t go very fast.

I have been looking more closely at one of the photographs the family had taken at Disney and I am not happy. They had a picture where they were then superimposed on a background of the castle and some of the characters. If they can have their images superimposed why didn’t they think to have mine added as though I was there too. I am sure one of them must have had a photo of me with them at the time. It made it a bit better when my mistress said she tried to have a photograph of her with Pluto when she was wearing her Alfie Dog t-shirt that says ‘minimum wage for working dogs’ but to be honest it would be much better if she had succeeded rather than just tried. Her excuse is that the lettering is on  the back so it couldn’t be seen that easily but anyone can make excuses! I have been looking at the pictures of the hedges which have been cut into the shapes of characters. Apparently its called topiary but that seems a bit of a fancy word for a hedge. I have decided I want our hedges cut into the shape of bones, Miffy and dog biscuits and maybe the odd one shaped to look like me. Now all I need to do is master the shears.