Sunday 15th April 2007

My nose is wet, I’m drooling over my mistress’s food, I have chased my tail for half an hour and all is right with the world. To you that may sound like a catalogue of unpleasantness but to a dog it is sheer unadulterated pleasure. I seem to be losing my coat again but I’ve got humans to clean up after me so why should I worry.

A very strange thing happened yesterday. My master and mistress sat down to watch 30 horses racing round inside the television set. Apparently, it is normal for my mistress to watch the Grand National each year. Apparently, it is also normal for her to back horses that don’t make it to the finish. She seemed please that one of the two she had money on came home in ninth place. I think she may be missing the point. I couldn’t complain, one of the horses she backed was chosen with the same flawed logic I might have applied, she like the name! She had at least heard of the other horse, which finished ninth. The one with the relevant name didn’t make it to the end. I suppose there is some point in studying the form.

I have been thinking about all this good weather and wondered if it was because of global warming. Of course, if that is the cause it makes it much harder to convince people that it is a bad thing. You can just see the campaign ‘Reduce CO2 emissions so that you can carry on having dull, cold weather. You know it makes sense.’ I think the ecologists may need to look for a slightly different angle in order to get people on board. I for one love being able to be outdoors all day every day.