Friday 13th April 2007

The children told me as much as they could about Disney in the time available and I have to say I am confused. It seems Andy’s favourite character keeps saying ‘To infinity and beyond’ but no one can tell me where either Infinity or Beyond actually are. Do I have to go past Infinity to get to Beyond or does it depend where I start from? It turns out my master was the biggest kid of them all and got upset that everyone else couldn’t get up early enough for him to get into the park at opening time when there are no queue’s. So you get a situation where the children who were the excuse for going, wanted to stay in bed and their dad was trying to make them want to go on the rides with him. Something strikes me as wrong with that scenario. Not as bad as my mistress for whom in reality it was a complete waste of time from the perspective of the rides as even the ones for the little children made her ill. She managed to go on the little train that goes round the edge of the park and does absolutely nothing to vary its course. She would have gone on the paddle steamer if they hadn’t got to the front of the queue just in time for Andy to need the toilet so desperately that they had to leave their spot, which had taken them half an hour to reach. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to any of them that excitedly showing me photographs of them all with the characters is only going to make me jealous. To be fair I am now the proud owner of a Winnie the Pooh cushion but it doesn’t make up for my mistress being quite so happy to have her photo with Pluto and Eeyore.