Wednesday 11th April 2007

Well I just hoping they are having a nice time at Disney without me. Can you tell that I said that through gritted teeth? I hate being left out, what is a family dog without his family? I suppose my mistress will be missing me too. She can’t go on any rides as she is poorly. She won’t even be able to go on the carousel which she loves and it will make her very sad. If I had been able to go at least she would have had me to talk to whilst the others were enjoying themselves. Her role of ‘coat holder’ can get a bit much after a while. She is having problems with her inner ear and balance that means that some of the time she feels as though she is on a roller coaster when she is standing still. I suppose it saves money in not having to pay for the experience of it. Bless her at least there is a reason for her falling over in the tax office, other than her own stupidity. To be honest her own stupidity had been a good enough reason as far as I was concerned but maybe I am being a little harsh.

My day will involve doting on Mackensey’s puppies, who are now much larger but just as adorable and trying to organise the other dogs into team games. It is great at the moment a number of my friends are staying here too so I don’t really mind so much being left out of Disney. I wouldn’t want the others to know I don’t mind as I am hoping they will bring me back a nice present. I really could do with a new cuddly toy as Miffy has once again lost an ear. I really don’t know how it happens.