Thursday 12th April 2007

Well here I am home again. The others are all excitedly telling me about meeting a mouse, a dog, and chipmunk or two and I just wanted to say “You left me out, why should I want to know about it?” But then the children go home again today so I need to make the most of all the attention I can get before we are back to a quiet household.


My mistress is researching her family tree and although she thinks of herself as coming from the Midlands of England in reality she seems to come from everywhere but there. There are bits from Wiltshire and bits from Yorkshire and now it seems even bits from Newcastle on Tyne. She has still failed to discover the hidden fortune or the relationship to somebody famous, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time. Unlike my family tree, she doesn’t find the same name appearing in several different places, which is probably a good thing because although dogs can get away with behaviour like that it really isn’t acceptable, or for that matter legal, for humans.

I’m learning to bounce all over the postman. He thought I might be dangerous at first but he is starting to understand I just want to play. Although he does seem to move faster when I pay him attention, maybe he has had a bad experience with other dogs but there are still only 3 people alive that I have growled at and there is only one of those that I really don’t like at all and that was the locum vet. So unless the postman is about to give me an injection or try and examine me he is probably quite safe. I will stick with the word probably, just to keep him on his toes.