Tuesday 10th April 2007

A little late maybe, but I have been thinking about the whole Easter story. Why aren’t there any dogs in it? Why didn’t God send his only begotten dog to save the world? It could have come with a little barrel round its neck. I would settle for seeing some of the Easter scenes with Jesus’s faithful dog at his feet but there don’t seem to be any dogs figuring anywhere in the equation. If the story can be rewritten by artists and writers to make Jesus a white baby, can’t they have another try and give him a dog? It doesn’t have to be an entlebucher, any dog would do. It probably ought to be a mongrel to show how he had time for everyone. Maybe it could have three legs too, for good measure. If that all seems to be going too far I would be happy to change the Easter Bunny for the Easter Puppy. I am not sure how that fits with the children doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden but then I didn’t know that rabbits came from eggs either! Frustratingly I wasn’t allowed to find and eat the eggs before the children did but it was very exciting running round madly whilst they were searching. I did persuade my mistress to do a dog biscuit hunt for me after they had all finished but it wasn’t so much fun without the kids running round as well, but at least there were dog biscuits to eat at the end of it. My mistress did make it a bit easier for me and didn’t put them in the trees where I couldn’t reach. I haven’t exactly gone short of dog biscuits with the children here. It is great when everyone wants to give you a treat and no one can count exactly how many you have successfully begged for in the course of a day. It’s a dog’s life all right.