Monday 9th April 2007

It’s not the same waking up and not being able to get into bed with my mistress and master for a cuddle. Waking up with a lot of other dogs and saying “will someone give me a cuddle and rub my chest please?” doesn’t generally make you come across as ‘cool’. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the other dogs staying with Mackensey had been girls, they tend to be much better with that sort of thing. Oh well, I will be back home soon enough.

After a weekend of car washing, children playing, and too many treats it is almost nice to have a few days to unwind. It is also going to be a bit quieter here as one of the puppies is going to its new home today. I will almost be sorry to see her go but the good news is there will still be one of the little fellows around. I’m not disappointed that I haven’t gone to see an overgrown mouse. Did that sound convincing? Ok so I’m jealous that my mistress and master have gone to spend time with other animals. Apparently, there is a dog called Pluto. What kind of name is that for dog? He is probably just some mongrel. Just because some bloke was clever enough to draw some cute cartoon everyone wants to go and see them. I can be cute, they could all want to come and see me instead. I still want to be famous. Perhaps I could have a whole theme park devoted to me and there could be huge furry dogs that look just like me, that children could have their photograph taken with. Of course, I wouldn’t want to do all the photograph with children myself. That would be just too much to have to deal with. I might do the odd guest appearance though.