Tuesday 27th March 2007

It was very funny sitting on the bed on Sunday morning with a five year old telling me, in a very serious, confidential manner that I probably wouldn’t enjoy watching Scooby Doo on television as I might find it scary. He did reassure me that Scooby Doo wasn’t real and that the dogs on the Italian Job the previous night might have been scary but they weren’t going to be able to get to me as they were on the television. I didn’t think they were that scary. I was wondering if they might want to play with me.

It’s rather quiet being back in Belgium without the children around. I am looking forward to having them to stay at Easter. It is no fun when there is no one to creep in on in a morning and wake with a wet nose in the face. I even opened James’s door on my own which really surprised him. I didn’t do the nose in the face with Andrew, I licked him on the hand instead. It had much the same effect. I thought the bed was cramped with just me and my master and mistress but it turns out if you really try there is room for two boys to curl up on the bed with me as well. Of course, there were complaints from my master who was still trying to sleep at the time.

I have to go to the vet for an injection sometime in the next few days. It is the sort of thing my mistress prefers not to give me advance warning of but the man in the passport office pointed it out to her when I was there. She said I was already booked in. I had words with my mistress when we left over not consulting me about appointments she makes for me. I do like to keep control of my own diary. I might already have had something planned, a bit of tail chasing or some other important event.