Wednesday 28th March 2007

After the journey we had back to Belgium the other day I will be happy if I don’t get in a car for a while. You don’t expect a day that starts that foggy to end up as nice as it did. It was a bit of a sea fog in the middle of land. It has made me want to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible since we got back. I have almost completely trained my mistress now in the game she knows as fetch. I get the frisby and run up to her and she says “drop”. I wait just long enough for her to stoop down to pick it up and then sweep in and get there first and run off with it. It is so annoying for her. There she is praising me saying “Good boy, well done” because she thinks I will now drop things on command and then she ends up saying “Ow as her rather slow hand accidentally comes into contact with my rather strong teeth. She will have to be faster than that to beat me.

I am starting to spot a trend in the pages that get read. When I mentioned ‘me dealer’ in Antwerp lots of you read it and I am guessing you weren’t looking for an antiques dealer, which is what I was talking about. Then I mentioned ‘absentee fathers’ and lots of you read it and are probably disappointed that I was talking with regard to dogs. If I mention sex, drugs and rock and roll, will lots of you want to read about that too? I’m sorry to disappoint you all. I am just a simple dog who isn’t going to be seeing the first of that list, an interesting tree root is as close as I will get to the second and I don’t go a bundle on the third one. Sorry!