Monday 26th March 2007

Well once again, the car is packed and we are ready to go. I have had another brief stay with my grandparents and surprisingly they are sorry that I am going. I said I would see them again soon and promised to write. I really need to turn my thoughts to my role in the murder mystery next weekend. The funniest part of it so far is that my master’s character calls for him to have a ‘sun tan’. You would find it hard to find anyone that is much whiter skinned than my master. My mistress has very kindly offered to apply fake tan for him. You have to worry when you get an offer like that from the person that can’t get it right on herself. Even the pack that a friend bought her, telling her she can’t fail, went wrong. In that case, everything was just fine until she went to bed and somehow slept with her hand on her leg. This gave rise to a brown hand and a white patch on her leg. Given this stuff usually lasts about 5 days I hope my master isn’t planning to go anywhere important at the start of next week. I will be wearing my ‘security’ t-shirt for the event and I am trying to find out whether my mistress has a spare bow tie that I can wear. The only problem is that it won’t show up against my black fur, but if I hold my head up all evening it will show against the white of my neck.

Apart from the murder mystery I don’t know what the week is going to hold. I might get some thinking time for a change. I’m still supposed to be thinking about what I want to do for a career. I was rather hoping if I kept quiet about it the whole idea might go away.