Wednesday 21st March 2007

History is once again repeating itself. My bags are packed as is an emergency bar of marzipan and some boiled sweets and we are heading off to England again. Fortunately, we know the route, so I won’t be in too much trouble when I fail in my duties as navigator. To be fair, my excitement knows no bounds as we have to make a small detour from our normal route to go to the Probate Office in Maidstone. Why Maidstone you might ask. Well I asked, so I am presuming it is the sort of thing you would want to know. It is not as might have thought, because my mistress’s aunt lived near there. Apparently, as executor, you have to go for an interview and you can elect to go to any ‘convenient’ probate office and when you live in Belgium, Maidstone is as convenient as anywhere! So it is that I am setting off for Middlesbrough via Maidstone and Leicester. I suppose you might also want to know why Leicester and that is much more simple. We get to see my grandparents and my mistress gets to see the dentist. So, at the end of the day, everyone ends up happy. Although I am not sure my mistress is ever really happy to see a dentist. But then I presume the one whose fingers she bit when she was a child was probably not all that pleased to see here either! If it weren’t for the dentist we could have played ‘location snap’ and met my master in London. I was all for it but my mistress wasn’t sure that the London hotels would welcome me before I become famous. She suspected that afterwards exceptions will be made. Right now, they just don’t know what they are missing.