Tuesday 20th March 2007

I have found a dog collar museum. I kid you not. For that matter, I don’t mean one that tells you all about vicars and priests, unless you know any vicars and priests that wear metal collars with spikes on. There is a real live dog collar museum at a place called Leeds Castle in England. Just to confuse you, it is not in Leeds but near Maidstone in Kent. I am reliably informed that the collars with spikes on are only to protect the wearer from ‘wild’ animals. However, you can’t help but think if they forgot they were wearing one and put their head down too quickly they would have come to an untimely end at the hands, or in this case neck, of the very thing designed to protect them. It may of course have been that these particular dogs were in fact the early ‘punk rockers’ and set a trend that humans would follow many years later. Either way, I was glad that my collar is soft and has a nice bone pattern on it. I have even forgiven my mistress for having a little metal tag, with her contact details, made to hang on my collar, now that I realise I could have been wearing a collar made of solid metal that would be very tiring to carry round all the time.

Other than that, I am seriously considering hibernation until someone gives me back ‘spring’. Where has this cold weather come from? No, please don’t be smart, I know the wind is blowing from the north, the really question I suppose is why? I was quite happy having it blowing from another direction, it didn’t need to move round on my account.  When it has the decency to go back to where it was, I will consider bothering to get out of bed where it is still nice and cosy.