Thursday 22nd March 2007

Well I am terrorising my grandparents for the morning whilst my mistress goes to see the dentist. I’m probably enough to drive my grandparents to wishing they were the ones seeing the dentist. Before we came away, when I went for my check-up at the vet, it was the locum vet again. I don’t know what it is about her but I do not like her. I growled at her again and she asked if there were a risk I would bite her. I think it is best to keep them wondering. Of course there is always a risk I will bite you, I have teeth. I have never bitten anyone yet but there is always a first time and she does rank as one of only four people I have ever growled at. The locum didn’t know what to say when my mistress told the locum that one of those four people had since died, particularly seeing as my mistress omitted the important detail of explaining the death was unrelated to my growling and the person concerned was 87 years old. The way my mistress is going I don’t suppose she will get anywhere close to 87. The other morning not only did she very nearly drive into a line of parked cars because she wasn’t concentrating but she went on to fall over on what she claims was a ‘slippery floor’ on her way out of a Belgian tax office. Her hand stopped bleeding eventually and as they don’t seem to accept payment of taxes in blood it was all a little pointless. She really shouldn’t be allowed out on her own. I am seriously considering investing in a white stick for her to carry when we go out for a walk. At least if I pretended to be a Guide Dog I would be allowed into more places.