Monday 19th March 2007

I have learnt something about how they make books. It all came about as a result of trying to read one that my master had bought in Berlin. I turned the page and found that it was attached to the next page. For some reason I thought that they must print it on the right size of paper. I presumed they would do any paper cutting before they printed it. My mistress explained to me that the machines they use to print it on are quite big and that they print lots of pages at the same time and then cut them. I asked how they made sure they got them all in the right order. I had visions of a whole load of people trying to sort them out and every so often dropping a few. They would then have time of shouting out, ‘Has anyone seen page 9?’ and then trying to put them back in the right order. Apparently, it isn’t done like that. A machine that knows what order they have to go in when they are cut does it all. I don’t know how it knows, perhaps it reads the page numbers really quickly. Anyway, the machine that did my masters book must have had bad eyesight, as not only were some of the pages not cut, but some were in the wrong place too. I think my master should write to the company and tell them their machine needs to go to the optician. I just hope the machine is keener to go than my master. He has given my mistress a very hard time over making an appointment for him. There is my poor mistress, trying to look after my master and what thanks does she get? I would like to point out at this point, it is in no way similar to me sitting down on the path and refusing to walk any nearer to the vet.