Friday 16th March 2007

My sister Emma is just lovely. She is the same colours as me but much smaller. When I say she is lovely that is with the exception of her growling at me. As usual, I wanted to play and she had had enough. Girls never seem to want to run around as much as boys do. She seems to be better trained than me and has succumbed to orders to ‘lie down’ as well as to sit. I have strongly resisted any urges to comply with that particular command. It has been so nice seeing some of my family two weeks running. I could get quite used to this. I am thinking of inviting them all round to see me sometime, but I may need to discuss it with my mistress first. I am sure she would be pleased to have the rest of the family turn up, but it may require a bit of preparation, if only in the purchase of extra dog biscuits. My mum wasn’t allowed to run round with us today as her leg is very poorly and running makes her limp. I was sorry not to see her but my mistress gave her a hug from me instead.

Last night was quite funny. There I was lying in bed; it must have been about 11pm, when a dog started barking outside. It sounded just like me. I had to pinch myself to make sure I really was inside where I thought I was and my mistress even turned the light on to make sure she hadn’t accidentally left me outside. Now, what I want to know is, which dog is imitating me at such an unearthly hour and is it doing it just to get me into trouble with our neighbours? How do I convince people it wasn’t me? I am going to get a bad name without even trying.