Saturday 17th March 2007

Where has all the nice weather gone? I like the sunshine. I like the bounce I get in spring. My mistress says I bounce quite enough at other times but I know she doesn’t mean it, she smiles when I am happy. She asked why I wag my tail when she talks to me and I suppose I don’t really know the answer; it’s just a dog thing.

I am supposed to be working out the menu for the ‘Murder Mystery’ evening, but every time I think about food I get hungry and go and sit by the sack of dog food. I think it ought to be ‘Death by Chocolate’ for desert. The biggest problem for my mistress is that having a whole load of food allergies means she can’t lick her fingers whilst cooking. She also can’t tell whether a recipe tastes ok or not. I keep offering to be the official taster and even to lick her fingers for her, but she says the information I feed back to her is not good enough. How am I supposed to know if something needs more butter or more flour? I can tell her it needs to have more from the dish put in my bowl, but there the feedback generally stops. I did suggest she might be better cooking things she can eat too but that is easier said than done. Why does she have to be so awkward? The same is true of flying; she has been fine with flying for the last 30 years and then all of a sudden doesn’t want to get on an airplane any more. Hello, you live outside of the country you were born in. All your family still live in England, you like travelling, this is really not a good time to go off flying. What am I saying? When she has to drive instead it means I get to go to, perhaps I should encourage this new found fear.