Thursday 15th March 2007

I’m still not getting how my new toy works. My mistress has even resorted to opening my mouth and trying to get me to close it round one of the blocks so that that she can show me how to lift out the block. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense. I am happy to try to push them out of the way but they are sunk into the base so I can’t do that. I am also happy to give up and beg for whatever food my mistress is eating. Ok, I admit it. I went one-step further than begging yesterday. My mistress had boasted to my master at just how good I was, once I have been told to leave food on a plate, at backing away and not touching. So, when she put a plat of biscuits out on the coffee table she did the usual of telling me to leave, even though they were in easy reach. I was good; I did as I was told and then my mistress had to go upstairs for a while. She shut me out of the lounge, to avoid the temptation. When I was allowed back in, I forgot myself. I didn’t remember I had already been told to leave them and while she was talking to my master, I took one off the plate, very carefully. I was about to carry my prize off into the corner to savour the moment, when she turned round and saw me and confiscated it. She put another biscuit on the plate in its place and I did suspect for a moment that she had recycled the one I had licked, but I got given that for supper so I am guessing it wasn’t. Maybe I’m not such a perfect dog after all.

No, I don’t believe that either!