Friday 9th March 2007

My mistress paid me a really big complement yesterday. She said I was the sort of dog that every child needs when they are growing up and that I am exactly the dog she wished she had had all those years ago. I think she meant I am still the perfect dog for her now as well, at least I took it that way. Apparently I am a brilliant companion and the perfect shape and size to get your arms round and have a really good cuddle with. Although I am told that is much better when I haven’t just come in from a romp in the mud.  My doleful brown eyes are full of love and understanding. Not bad for a dog! Particularly when you think that what is really going on in my head is simply the desire for constant affection and regular feeding. When a man tells you they aren’t thinking anything they probably aren’t telling the truth. When a dog tells you they aren’t thinking anything they probably are!

I was desperate to get out into the garden to chase the man clearing out the gutters yesterday. I wasn’t going to let a long ladder stand in my way. I would have climbed the ladder to get to him, I’m not afraid of heights. As has so often been said it’s not the falling that is the problem, it is the hitting the ground. However, all I was allowed to do was run from window to window and pant heavily, and where’s the fun in that? I suppose on the bright side, I am not the one with toothache. The toothache has nothing at all to do with the man cleaning out the gutter but my mistress is definitely not happy and there are two more weeks until she goes back to the dentist.