Thursday 8th March 2007

There are so many things in life that you feel better just for knowing. Apparently, Beacon Hill in Leicestershire is the highest point as you head round the world to the east until you get to the Urals. Unless you are my mistress I am not sure why your starting point would be Leicestershire but it seems to be a fact she is quite proud of. We are sort of east of there and I’ll grant you it is pretty flat and on the trip to Berlin it was pretty flat all the way heading east another four or five hundred miles from here so you can start to believe it may be true. Not really relevant to many people but true. What I haven’t actually established is where the Urals are and whether they know where Leicestershire is? They probably have a statistic to say they are the highest point as you go to the West until the Brecon Beacons and bypass Leicestershire altogether. I wonder if there is a big Russian population  in Leicestershire who have moved there because they heard it was the next highest point as they went west.

The rain seems to have slowed down, if not entirely stopped and our back garden where the bamboo was cut down now resembles a paddy field. I suggested we plant some rice to see what happens but my mistress says it won’t be staying like this. That is what she thinks! I am hoping it will be dry tomorrow when I go and see my family. I will end up awfully muddy if my sister still manages to roll me over in this mud. I wonder if I’m strong enough to stand my ground and refuse to be rolled? The truth is I quite like letting them be in charge.